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California Kaiser Enrollment Questions

Here are answers to common Kaiser Permanente questions:

1. How to check the status of your application.

Checking your Kaiser Permanente enrollment status:

Once you're registered, Kaiser will notify you of their decision regarding approval of your health insurance plan in 7 to 9 business days. You may also log in at Using your user ID and password go to "Are you registered" then click on "my mailbox". If it has been over 7 business days your status should be displayed. If not, Please call 1-800-207-5084 The Kaiser help desk. You can also call your Kaiser Plan online representative at 1-800-424-0400

Please note! Kaiser Permanente will notify you regarding your enrollment.

2. Is my social security number required to enroll in a Kaiser plan?

Kaiser Permanente requires a social security number or Tax ID number to enroll. Children are except under the age of one. With a child under the age of one that does not have a social security or Tax ID number, Kaiser Permanente will require a completed paper application for children under age one without a SS#, and please mail to the Kaiser address on the application.

3. How often do premium rates change?

Kaiser Permanente rates a based on a calendar year. This means your rates will change on December 31 of this year. If you move to a different Kaiser rating area or add or delete a dependent your rates will change. When enrolling, the rates will be based on your current age. If applying with a spouse use the younger age to get the lowest possible rate that Kaiser offers.

4. Are physical exams required for enrollment?

Enrollment in a Kaiser Health plan doesn't require a physical exam. You are required to complete a medical questionnaire. It is important to be accurate with your medical history. Not disclosing medical conditions could cause your plan to be cancelled later.

5. Time table for your application process.

Online registration takes 10 minutes at the most. You will have a 30 minute questionnaire. After you register you will receive a confirmation that you're registered and also another email will be sent to you giving you directions to complete the medical questionnaire. Using your user ID and password you will log in and complete the medical questionnaire. The Kaiser plan underwriting team will notify you in 7 to 9 business days reporting the status of your application. You can also log in at and using your user ID and password follow the direction under (are you registered). Once in the site click on the "my mailbox" The status of our application should be available if it has been over 9 business days from enrollment. If no response call the Kaiser Permanente enrollment team at 1-800-207-5084.

6. Your answers to enrollment questions.

Please call individual/family plan Kaiser Representatives at 1-800-424-0400 or email us at You can also fax questions to our Kaiser express fax line 1-800-442-4540.

7. Apply online by fax at 1-800-442-4540 or online at You may also email us with any enrollment questions at

8. What factors cause rate changes?

If you add a dependant or dependants, you move into a different age group, you move to a different rate area in the state of California, or during the annual rate adjustments, you switch plans. No other circumstances will cause your rates to change.

9. Your insurability based on pre-existing conditions.

All applications will undergo underwriting. They will be reviewed and evaluated based on the answers on the medical questionnaire submitted and underwriting guidelines. Underwriters inform applicants the reasons regarding their decisions and the applicant may choose to request for a reevaluation by following the given instructions and completing the requirements if needed.

10. If I'm pregnant, can I get insured?

All applicants will be declined with Kaiser Permanente if they are pregnant as that is considered a pre-existing condition. All other pre-existing conditions will require an underwriting process.

11. Guidelines for adding dental.

You may choose to include dental coverage upon application. If not, you may add it within the first 30 days of your coverage. If it's been more than 30 days, you'll have to wait until December for open enrollment to include it.

12. HIPPA, what is it?

In 1996, another federal law was passed that created more opportunities to stay insured, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, usually called HIPAA. HIPAA covers a multitude of health insurance issues, from confidentiality of medical records to guaranteeing continuity of coverage when changing jobs or leaving an employer. HIPAA also provides access to health insurance when COBRA expires or when group coverage is lost, if not eligible for COBRA. HIPAA provides guaranteed access to an individual health insurance policy with relatively broad benefits to persons who: